jueves, 16 de febrero de 2012

Part 2: Kena... Are you ready to be a Master Student?

Ok, so Ms. Annie Dürig asked if I could write this in english, so that she could also read it, therefore Ms. Dürig, this one is in english just for you!

So as many of you know, about 5 years ago (because I am the biggest dutch fan, after Jannice W), I came to the University of Amsterdam on an Exchange Programme, at the time my life looked pretty much like this:

Of course I did study SOME times, I had to pass my classes, but come on! it was not that hard.

Thnx Fahet for actually making this! 
Because A'dam must be one the craziest cities I've been in, I decided that for the masters degree I was going to pick somewhere smaller, where I could actually get some work done.. So Leiden, I thought (innocent naive me) would be the perfect place. WRONNNGGGG!!!!, of course my roomates are crazy! Of course we are doing fun stuff all the time! of course I love it! 

So, the conclusion is, that I am not so sure about how ready I am to sit down and write a freaking thesis, but It will be alright.. hopefully.. It will be ok!

My best friends for the next 6 weeks until the exams

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