viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Part 3: Eating!

One of my favorite things in life is eating! I just love food (that is my mother's fault.. i love u mom). 

It's been three weeks here already, which means, I have not eaten brunch in three weeks (if any of you my dear friends ever go to Santiago, please please please! You need to go and get some brunch @ cafe melba in Vitacura, For me brunch must have Eggs Benedict! 

So these morning I woke up very early and went to the gym (of course!) and then headed to my precious Albert Heijn (The most famous supermarket in The Netherlands)

If you have never been in The Netherlands, please let me introduce you Albert Heijn, founded in 1887
I got all the necessary things to cook Eggs Benedict and took some pictures of Leiden on the way home, so here two of my favorite spots when I come home everyday:

If you walk in the nieuwe rijn, you will come across this text "Ik vind het altijd zo heerlijk als dingen niet doorgaan" by Simone de Jong,, it would translate something like, " I always like when things do not go throught..."

Herengracht: Leiden's most important street in the year 1659
The Cooking of the Eggs Benedict

So thanks to you tube I found out how to make perfect eggs in just one try (yes, you read it right, one try!) 

So here they are! my ingredients:

Bread, Eggs, Butter, Bacon, Vinegar, Hollandaise sauce (u can actually do it yourself, but I will try that next time) and some parsley

So first you heat some water, not to a boiling point and add some vinegar (that is the magic, if u add vinegar, it will work! Also very important DO NOT add any salt to the water) 

So, after three minutes it should look like the egg in the second image...

In the meantime I toasted some bread, mix the hollandaise sauce with some water and butter, and fried my bacon! The result:

and there it is! My first Eggs Benedict! 

Next chapter will be on my favorite dutch things! 

Chao chao!

3 comentarios:

Javiera dijo...

Kena, te quedo increíble!!! Mejor q los q comíamos en el Coquinaria. Toda una chef. El próximo brunch será en tu depto

Catiwi dijo...

Si esa foto es del plato que TU hiciste, por favor, dejame ser tu roomie <3 para que me cocines todos los días... claro; cuando welvas a Chilito!

Te quieri!

Gabriel Castillo Rozas dijo...

Me encantó tu blooooog!
Cuando vuelvas me cocinas lo que hiciste, yaaa? Se ve delicioso!!!
Pásalo excelente, estudia (haha), carretea y cuando vuelvas nos ponemos al día!!!!!