lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

Spacecakes and Ikea


Ok ok .. so I think this is what everyone wants to see from The Netherlands, and since I do not want to dissapoint you.. I think I have to write just a little bit about it..! 

Amsterdam, the lovely city that hosted me for almost 6 amazing months! Everyone knows A'dam is beautiful, so let's get to the real thing! Coffeeshops! (plz do not think I am doing this all the time, but come on... since I am here.. I need to experience the culture ;) 

Last Saturday, after some wonderful lunch with my hostbro Bas, and a nice cup of coffee with Andreas, I recieved a magic phone call from Ms K. (Let me introduce to you Ms. K, she is THE most amazing and crazy flatmate anyone can ask for) and of course she was calling me, because she was coming to A'dam.. I thought.. This is not going to end well.. 

So first we went for some little sightseeing.., they sell the most weird condoms u will ever see!  You can find this place in Warmoestraat 141, Amsterdam 

And then we went to get some Spacecakes! Mini chocolate cake

I won't go into details regarding the results.. but they work! 


I know I owe you all a presentation of my flatmates.. (the rest of them), and also of the house I live in.. but in the meantime, let me just say we are a very proactive crew of people always thinking of ways to make our sundays less boring.. So this sunday it was time for some of us to go to Ikea for the first time.. (yes... the fiirstt time! also for meee) and to do a little sightseeing of Delft (This city is well known for their white blue pottery, super typical from the netherlands)

We got up quite early for a Sunday morning ( 11 o'clock.. that is early people!, remember we went to Amsterdam the day before), we got our stuff ready, and   catch the trein to Delft! 

After about 30 minutes we were at IKEA!, of course I was SUPER exited! and ready with my bank card to buy half of the store!

That is Ms. K and Allie, on a weird massive chair from IKEA.
But before buying we needed some food, because buying staff requires a massive effort, and our bodies need energy, and because it was IKEA, I tried the Swedish Meatballs...

After way too many meatballs, and way too much weird swedish cola drink.. I felt a bit sick, but we still had to do some shopping and walk around Delft! ( I am not going to show you what I bought.. but it's nice stuff!)

So here some shots of our walk around the city:

Strange International Students, doing some strange jumps in the main square

Awww.. cute right?

I know I am still missing the post on my favorite dutch stuff... but It will come trust me! I just have not made enought pictures of my favorite stuff!

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