viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012

Basic stuff in your kitchen and a 15 minutes dinner!

My friend Felipe, suggested my blog should turn into a cooking blog.. well, I still want to tell some random facts of life once in a while, but inspired in his post I thought I could give you some tips sometimes ... maybe, yes, no? Does it sound like an idea? or better not? let me know!

So, it's friday night, just came back from "dancing club", a weird club at uni where we pretend we are britney dancing funny choreographies, but what tha hell, it's lots of fun! but I came back quite hungry, but with not a lot of energy to cook, so today it was just easy to make #studentfood,  (it took me around 15 minutes, and, I should not say this.. since i cooked it, but it was really yummie!)

To start with there are some things you should ALWAYS have at home:

1. a package of carbs (rice or pasta)
2. some meat or chicken or fish (if u are a veggetarian skip this), I had bacon left from yesterday's meal, so that will be my "protein" with lots of FAT on it.
3. some greens (rucula is always nice)
4. onions, garlic and peper (veryyy important)
5. Butter! because if Julie and Julia told me something, is that you can never have enough butter!!!!! 

The menu today was: Rice with some champignos, bacon, some greens and grated cheese on top. 

How do you make it:

1. Secret to always get the rice right: fry some onions, add the rice, and keep frying for about 3 minutes, add some salt. Boil some water before you do this (you will need the water in a sec.) After frying add the boiling water, for every cup of rice, add one a half cups of water. Let it boil for about 15 minutes in a very low fire, if its too high.. your rice will burn. At the end it will look like this, if it does not, just keep trying, you will get it right eventually :) 

2. While you leave your rice cooking, get a pan add some butter, or lots of it, and add the champignons (of course you need to slice them first). Do not put too many or they won't get nice and golden.

3. After they look good enough for you, live them aside, grab another pan, and put some chopped onions, garlic and bacon, no need to add salt or oil, the bacon has ENOUGH! so let it cook slowly (again a big huge fire will only ruin your garlic and your onions, so DON'T!)

4. When all is cook, just put in on a plate! of course! put some greens in there, grate some cheese on top, and that was it ladies and gentleman, 15 minutes dinner. Not that fancy, but it's better than cup noodles! trust me on that one. 

And now back to study! hope this helps to inspire some of you, or to give you some ideas for dinner.



3 comentarios:

Ana Maria dijo...

recien vi esto y broma lo chef que estai.

Kena Jimenez dijo...

@ana maria hahahaha, un poco! ;) hay que aprovechar el mercado acá y hacer uso de tanto ingrediente entretenido que tienen!!!

Fahet dijo...

Julie and Julia must be very fat... just saying... lol!