martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

The Hospital

Monday morning 2.00 AM: Kena wakes up, feeling like crap! OMG I thought.. I have a freaking fever! Shit! and I have to go to class tomorrow!!!!!! And I was in England the whole weekend, so if I don't go to class my sweet amazing classmates will think I was partying the whole weekend and that, that is the reason I am not there! NOOOO!!!

Well.. I did party a little...
The rest was all about Afternoon Tea
Scones, Nice restaurants and sight seeing

Monday 5.00 AM: Still Awake, still with a fever and wondering how the hell I was going to get up the next day... 

So that is the introduction of how i ended up in the Hospital today. Just when I was kind of running out of ideas of what I should write in here.. I got sick! Which allowed me to fight my biggest fear since the first time I came to the Netherlands 10 years ago (shit I am old) .. GOING to the doctor. 

I think my other big steps in becoming a little more dutch was going to the dentist, and getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere.. 

Anyways, I finally did manage to get up, because mondays we have economics class, and there is NO WAY I will ever miss that class, MA classmates, some of you know why. Got there a tiny little bit late, but had to give up on my effort of being at uni after the economics class, thinking it was not really a good idea to go there in the first place.

The good thing though was that two of my lovely dutch classmates introduced me to the term Huisarts, completely unknown to me, but basically it is a family doctor, and I have to pick one in my neighbourhood for when I get sick. ( I am too spoiled by the Chilean private system, where you basically look on internet for the doctors, book on internet, and that was it..u go, I am too Chilean, really need to change the switch). So I knew now was a Huisarts was, but without enough time to find one, cuz I was already sick enough. 

This morning I really could not take it anymore! I drank lots of water, my flatmates made me some soup, took lots of paracetamol and iburoprofen.. nothing was working, so my caretaker took me to the hospital. When I got to the information desk the first think that really caught my attention was that the lady in the desk could actually see I was half dead but even though gave me a lecture on the reasons why I should get a huisarts, and that I should ask my flatmates where to find one, I think I had a really angry face after 3 minutes because she just called someone to take me to the emergency room. After that all was paradise, dutch hospitals are amazing! This one even has a The Body Shop and a bookshop inside, I found it quite impressive!

The doctors were very nice, not all of them could speak english, and I completely failed my attempt to speak in dutch all the time, too much fever I guess, and so after some blood test and various exams I left the hospital with a nice wristband and some antibiotics 

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