lunes, 9 de abril de 2012

it's 19.18 and still raining

mmm ... how do I start... well it's 19.21 now, and yes, it is still raining in Leiden. It has been raining since yesterday. In the begining it was not very strong, and it actually looked like it was going to stop at some point... but it did not. It actually got worst, and by the time I came back from Amsterdam last night, it was raining pretty damn hard, with tons of wind, which ended up in poor little chilean kena being completely covered in rain by the time I got home. 

It really rains a lot here, I have been actually wondering why didn't I pick Italy for the masters  ;) ... But this dutch people are some smart people! and they invented a kick ass umbrella that can be used even in very windy situations, therefore I have decided I am buying one, because other wise I will end up catching a bad cold, and I really do not want to end up in the doctor again! once a year was more than enough.

This magic umbrellas are called Senz, and they look pretty awesome, I just ordered it, so it might take a couple of days to arrive, but I will let you know whether it works, and whether I was actually able to bike, dutch style, holding my umbrella while biking. 

For now, time to go back to my readings, since the two weeks of nice holidays and amazing weather are over and now it's time to be responsible again (Boooooo) .

chao y hasta el siguiente post.


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