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How to make Dulce de Leche !

I usually write in Spanish, but I'll make an exception today, because what I made today is way to easy to get in the supermarket in pretty much any country in Latin America, so I guess that it is not the Spanish speakers the ones interested in learning how to make it.

Good news.. is very very very easy! 
Bad news.. no bad news.. well it takes a couple of hours, but you do not really need to do anything 

So what's the story about dulce de leche ...

apparently almost every country in Latin America fights for who invented this amaaazinggg sweet thingy, but I have even seen it in France, and the story that it was first discovered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.. mmm not so convincing, but here are the two stories of its origin

I found this on another blog, but i am not gonna steal it so here is the link too ;) - http://www.cupcakeproject.com/2008/01/what-is-dulce-de-leche.html#ixzz2CK2y9WWK

"One story involves the 19th century Argentinian caudillo Juan Manuel de Rosas. The story goes that in a winter afternoon at the Rosas house, the maid was making some lechada—a drink made with milk and sugar boiled until it starts to caramelize—and she heard someone knocking at the door. She left the lechada on the stove and went to answer the door; and when she came back, the lechada was burnt and had turned into a brown jam: dulce de leche.

But another story bring its origins to Europe, possibly as the French confiture de lait: a popular similar legend dating back from the 14th century exists in the region of Normandy, involving a cook from the military troops who had the same culinary accident when making sweetened milk for breakfast. Variations of this legend refer to a cook in Napoleon's army."

What is it?

Dulce de Leche, or manjar as we call it in Chile (we love to have a different name for everything (see previous post about how we call avocado palta and the rest of the world calls it aguacate), is caramelized milk, with tons of sugar, but because making it from scratch cost to much work, here goes an easy way to make it.

You just need one can of condensed milk, you can get it in the supermarket, here in The Netherlands I always find it next to the chinese products or chinese supermarket, a pan (moreless big, enough to cover the whole can, it is important), and water, Thats it!

Get your can, put it in the pan, fill it with water, and make sure the WHOLE can in under water (put the can sideways is better), boil it to boiling point and then put the flame as low as possible, and let it boil for about an hour and a half / two hours. (see picture)

Then take it out of the water, let it cool down, open it and that's it, ready!

Manjar is perfect to put on pancakes, your bread, for desserts, well u name it. 

And of course I did it today, because the weather is cold and its so nice to eat this things when is winter, and I made  a picture for you so you know moreless how it's suppose to look like

Enjoy guys!



PS. Warning.. when I said before this stuff is SWEET I meant it.. it is reallyyy sweet! 

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Loes Alleman dijo...

Wow! Ik had geen idee dat je dit met blik en al moet/kan koken! Nou ga ik al helemaal manjar maken! xP